Digitalbox was created because we fundamentally believe the publishing model of old is broken.

By understanding how to access and engage audiences we have created a unique publishing portfolio that is able to drive large volumes of high quality audiences.

We’ve come a long way in a short period of time, but the journey has only just begun and we are committed to driving innovation in a digital world that is changing fast.

We have a young but experienced team, who know and understand what our audience want and can lead the conversation.

Sir Robin Miller profile image
Sir Robin Miller
Non-Executive Chairman
Martin Higginson profile image
Martin Higginson
Group CEO
David Marks profile image
David Marks
Group Finance Director
Bill Dobbie profile image
Bill Dobbie
Non-Executive Director
Patrick Brennan profile image
Patrick Brennan
Non-Executive Director
Sam Higginson profile image
Sam Higginson
Group Brand Director
James Carter profile image
James Carter
Managing Director - Publishing
Jim Douglas profile image
Jim Douglas
Content Director
Adam Seogalutze profile image
Adam Seogalutze
Data and Compliance Director
Toni Longford profile image
Toni Longford
Group Management Accountant
Kelly Lees profile image
Kelly Lees
Finance Assistant
Karen Hyland profile image
Karen Hyland
Jasmine Holley profile image
Jasmine Holley
Rebecca Carter profile image
Rebecca Carter
Apprentice Researcher/Writer
George Walker-Wiltshire profile image
George Walker-Wiltshire
Apprentice Researcher/Writer
Nick Clough profile image
Nick Clough
Head of Publishing Development
Jason Picton profile image
Jason Picton
Data Sales Manager
David Cartwright profile image
David Cartwright
Lead Generation Manager
Sam Cox profile image
Sam Cox
Data Sales Manager
Aimee Comley profile image
Aimee Comley
CRM & Email Campaign Manager
Ashar Yoosuff profile image
Ashar Yoosuff
Senior Developer
Matt Jenkins profile image
Matt Jenkins
I.T Support Technician